Regina Müller-Huschke

I make vessels and containers at a respectful distance from the design. Vases, calabashes, bowls, drinking vessels. Mainly turned on the wheel. I like to work on the edge of the aesthetics of beauty. Symmetry falters, traces of turning and other work remain visible. The covetous look from the light to the dark finds its optical echo in the white of the porcelain and the deep black of the raku rim.

Plaster casts of older vessels give them a new existence: Clones cast in porcelain. Doppelgangers with altered outfits. The duplication of the twin-like bodies results in small groups or entire collections.

Visitors are welcome by appointment by telephone.

Feel free to contact:

Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade
Room 426
Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152
Staircase C / 4th floor (lift)
13189 Berlin / Pankow

0176 30162327

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