Jule Grade

In my work with porcelain, wall objects and vessels are created predominantly with graphic hand drawings and small puns, which, in addition to contemplation and use, also invite their own images. Porcelain as an object of use can become an accompanying narrative, in addition to material language, a sign language is smuggled into the world of the everyday. To be allowed to practice a traditional craft (and to keep practicing every day) – together with the joy of drawing/graphic design, its exploration and testing, guides and drives my work.

My workshop is located on the old mill farmstead of the keramik&kulturGut Glindow. Opening hours April-December Thu/Fri 10-17 h, Sun 14-17 h, and gladly by personal appointment.

Feel free to contact:

Keramische Werkstätten Glindow
Porzellanwerkstatt Jule Grade
Dr. Külz Str. 69
14542 Werder/Havel



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