Monika Debus

I have had my own studio since 1993 and since then I have been intensively involved with the formal language of the ceramic vessel in the broadest sense and with salt firing, which has a centuries-old tradition here in the Westerwald. I am a member of the Grenzhausen ceramics group, a workshop community in an old ceramics manufactory. My works combine clay in its plastic qualities with abstract, free painting. In doing so, I try to explore boundaries and – even more – to create connections between vessel and sculpture, image and sculpture, between simplicity and complexity. In addition to my individual pieces, I also produce small series, including vases, bowls, mugs, etc.

Please feel free to visit me in my workshop, preferably by telephone arrangement.

Feel free to contact:

Monika Debus
Brunnenstr. 13
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen

02624 5953

small wall piece, 2020, 28 x 13 cmsmall wall piece, 2020, 24 x 22 cmForm, 2020, 37 x 37 cmo.T., 2018 , 37 x 61 cmWall piece, 2019, h 50 cmJellyfisho.T., 2020, h 52cmHisandhers, 2019, 29 x 45cm and 27 x 37cmo.T., 2020, h 52cmthe brushes in my workshopo.T., 2019, h 51cm

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